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Engineering and scientific leadership provided by EAG Monuments.
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Implementation provided by carpenters from Malye Korely museum and Mezen district.

Restoration and functional reconstruction of the windmill from the village of Kalgachikha in the museum of wooden architecture «Malye Korely» in the Arkhangelsk region.

The windmill works once a year, in autumn, during the Bread Festival.






Restoration and functional reconstruction of the Deryagin’s windmill from the village of Kimzha, Mezen district, Arkhangelsk region. The windmill got broken and hasn’t been working after that.







Conservation of two windmills from the village of Pogorelets, Mezen district, Arkhangelsk region for the subsequent restoration.








Construction of a new barn and sails of the Wodynini’s windmill in Kimzha (Mezen district, Arkhangelsk region). Opening of the museum of windmills in a newly built barn.

The museum is open daily.







Besides projects mentioned above, EAG Monuments consulted all windmill activities in Arkhangelsk region and also helped with information for this website.