RC-APO and Nagel

Project completed by RC-APO company.

The construction of a new windmill in Fort Ross (USA). The windmill is a replica of the windmill from the village of Azapolye, transported and restored in the Malye Korely Museum (Arkhangelsk Region). This is where all the measurements and the documents were taken from.

The mechanism has been rebuilt completely.




Projects completed by Nagel company.

The conservation of the windmill from the village of Rovdina Gora (Arhangelsk region). This windmill is a unique heritage of early-Holland windmill type with inside winder.










The restoration of Wodynini’s windmill from the village of Pogorelets (Arhangelsk region).











Project documentation prepaid by RC-APO company. Implementing by Nagel company.

The restoration of the crushing post-based windmill in the museum of Shchelokovsky homestead in Nizhny Novgorod region. Unique windmill without millstones, only huge crushing mechanism inside.