This page is the only list of windmills with the links to the database, but it is not automatically generated. This list is intended to answer the question: «Well, ok, I’m interested, but how to see the most interesting windmills in Russia if time is limited?» So, here is the list of the best of the best.

Post-based windmills

Kimzha (Arkhangelsk Region)

The only functionally restored historical inverted post-based windmill on its historical site. In addition: the mechanism can be showed to all the visitors at any time.

Malye Korely: Kalgachikha (Arkhangelsk region)

The only operating historical post-based windmill. It is a good idea to come to the Bread Festival which is held once a year in September. It is when they start the windmill.

Kizhi: Volkostrov (the Republic of Karelia)

An interesting combination of a small sized crushing mill and a windmill with eight sails. The mechanism is unfortunately closed. What about the others? There are the same windmills in Malye Korely, but they have fewer sails. There is also Voroniy Ostrov in Kizhi, but if you are visiting Kizhi for the first time, you probably won’t have time to reach it.

In the future: Shchelkovsky khutor: Petukhovo (Nizhny Novgorod)

The only surviving crushing mill. However: the mechanism is closed, the windmill is abandoned and has no sails, although the restoration should begin soon.

Smock windmills

Rovdina gora (Arkhangelsk region)

The windmill has an internal winging mechanism. However, the windmill is abandoned and has no sails. What about the others? There is a similar windmill in Malye Korely, but it is closed, and the mechanism cannot be seen, the roof of the windmill has been rebuilt. Besides, the mill from the village of Rovdina Gora stands on a historical site.

Zaval (Novgorod Region)

An automatic grain sack hoist and many stunning machine parts have survived. The windmill is a museum, and the mechanism is open to all the visitors. What about the others? There is almost the same windmill in Vitoslavlitsy, but it is closed for visitors. It has been moved from its historical site; the condition of the mechanism is unclear. It is under restoration now.

Ludorway: Chem-Kuyuk (the Republic of Udmurtia)

The windmill is a typical Volga region smock windmill, which is plenty there. The windmill has been restored and it grinds flour. What about the others? We certainly recommend going to Tarkhany, Isakovo, Slavic Kremlin or Shorunzha, but from all the other operating windmills we have chosen the one in Ludorvay because of its age, the number of sails, and the historic barn.

New Jerusalem: Kochemlevo (Moscow region)

The windmill has preserved many working mechanisms and a horizontal shaft. What about the others? There is a similar windmill in the museum of Kostromskaya Sloboda, but at the moment it is closed and there are no working gears in it.


Pogorelets (the Arkhangelsk region) (1)(2)

The only village that has preserved two historical post-based windmills on a historical site. What about the others? Another village with two windmills is Kimzha. Although one of the windmills is new, it is located on a historical trestle, on a historical site.

Shorkino (The Republic of Chuvashia) (1)(2)

It is the only village that has preserved two historical smocks on a historical site.

Kostromskaya Sloboda (Kostroma) (1)(2)(3) и
Malye Korely (Arkhangelsk region) (1)(2)(3)

These are two museums where you can see the landscape with three mills — one smock and two post-based windmills. The mills in the Kostroma Sloboda are restored less than in the Malye Korely, and they have no sails, however there are more pretty view pictures.