Windmill from the village of Novovasilevka

Short description
The windmill from the village of Novovasilevka (Tyulganskiy district, Orenburg region) is located on a historical site. The time of construction is unknown. Smock mill with four sails and unknown number of millstones. Stone. Was used as a flour mill (flour).

ConditionThe windmill is falling into ruin and may disappear
StatusIn noone's possession, not used
MechanismNot restored, is going to ruin
Information about the mill was checked on 18.08.2017.
The following historical parts of the mechanism have been preserved:
Sails, Windshaft.

Additional description
The mill is located near the steppes, and there are not many forests around, so, the construction material is brick. It is one of the two stone mills. The second one is in the village of Manychskoye (Stavropol territory). It has preserved the mechanism and the internal parts.

Photos are here and here. An interesting thing is the wooden ring on the top of the brick foundation: the rotating cap lies on the wood, but not on the bare bricks. The way the wood meets the bricks is also worth looking at.