Windmill from the village of Starye Algashi

Short description
The windmill from the village of Starye Algashi (Tsilna district, Ulyanovsk region) is located on a historical site. The time of construction is unknown. Smock mill with an unknown number of sails and unknown number of millstones. Sheathed Frame. Was used as a flour mill (flour).

ConditionThe windmill is falling into ruin and may disappear
StatusIn noone's possession, not used
MechanismState unknown
Information about the mill was checked on 01.06.2008.

Additional description
Many sites say that there are no windmills left in the Ulyanovsk region. We believe that this is not far from being true. However, here is a picture of the mill, and it doesn’t say anywhere that it has collapsed. As the photograph was made long ago in 2008, we are not sure if this mill exists. We think the answer is more likely to be "no". But until this fact is confirmed, it is here.

Judging by the photo, the mill is of the south-east type. The barn around the frame structure has collapsed.