Windmill from Semenkovo museum

Short description
New windmill was built in 2018 in the museum of wooden architecture "Semenkovo" (Vologodskaya oblast). Postbased mill with six sails and one pair of millstones. Log construction. Was used as a flour mill (flour), a crushing mill (grain).

ConditionThe windmill is new, can grind flour

Additional description
The mill is an exact copy of the mill from the village of Semenovskaya, but is a complete remake with the exception of the millstones. This is the only mill in Russia in which you can observe the process of the crushing of grain on a grinder.

A new, operating mill, which, moreover, can crush grains, is always great. However, this remake is absolutely the same as a collapsing, mill in the village of Grishkino, Vologda Region. This approach is strange to us, but Semenkovo is probably knowing better.