Windmill from Semenkovo museum

Short description
New windmill with historical parts was built in 2015 in the museum of wooden architecture "Semenkovo" (Vologda Region). Inverted postbased mill with six sails and one pair of millstones. Log construction. Was used as a flour mill (flour).

ConditionThe windmill is new, can grind flour

Additional description
It’s great to see an operating new mill, sure. A mill in Semyonkovo is new, and even has some historical elements, i.e. parts of a shattered mill from the village of Borok, Totemsky district. Parts only though. They did not have time to transport the mill, so in spring they transported what was left of it. Inverted post-based mills are high, so when they collapse almost nothing remains.

The mill is an inverted post-based mill, the construction of trestle is similar to those of Arkhangelsk mills: it is rectangular at the bottom and it narrows upwards. However, the construction of the ladder resembles the mill in Kirillo-Belozersky monastery, i.e. the lower part of the ladder doesn’t move, and the upper one moves around the horizontal platform.

The first holiday with the operating mill is Maslennitsa 2015: here.
It’s easy to find videos, pictures and news about the mill. To start, we recommend to go here.

We would like to also note that it was possible to save a falling-into-ruin, not transported mill in the village of Grishkino in Vologda region instead of building a new one.