Karevy's windmill from Ilino village

Short description
Karevykh's shattered windmill from the village of Ilino (Trubchevskiy district, Bryanskaya oblast) was built in 1953, was located on a historical site. Smock mill with four sails and unknown number of millstones. Sheathed Frame. Was used as a flour mill (flour).

ConditionThe windmill is destroyed, the monument doesn't exist anymore
MechanismCompletely destroyed

Additional description
Simply watch video here.

Please, watch one more time.

This windmill is probably the last not-museum operating windmill in Russia. Video is dated as 2001, probably it was combined from two videos and acting windmill part is older. But it was operating in 1989: (here and here, please read - there is windmill's history there). Miller is Fedor Ivanovich Karev. Also it is probably the youngest historical windmill in Russia built in 1953.

The windmill burned down in 2007 (here, this article says that the windmill was in use even in 2007).