Meschersky’s windmill from the village of Kulyabovka

Short description
Meschersky's windmill from the village of Kulyabovka (Muchkap district, Tambov region) was built in 1902, is located on a historical site. Smock mill with sixteen sails and two pairs of millstones. Sheathed Frame. Unique details: sixteen sails (not preserved), sails fastening (not preserved). Was used as a flour mill (flour).

ConditionThe windmill is falling into ruin and may disappear
StatusIn noone's possession, not used
MechanismNot restored, is going to ruin
Information about the mill was checked on 19.07.2016.
The following historical parts of the mechanism have been preserved:
Windshaft, Brake wheel, Upright shaft, Wallower, Great spur wheel.

Additional description
The mill in Kulyabovka has a unique structure, which unfortunately has been completely abandoned. If other unique mills that are going to collapse are somehow mentioned somewhere, there is nothing at all said about Kulyabovka. And this is the mill with sixteen, can you imagine! sixteen, sails. This is the biggest number of sails on the mills that we have ever found. Unfortunately, neither the sails nor their unique fastening have survived. The mill which has preserved (rather rebuilt) fastening of many sails is the mill in the Slavic Kremlin, but there are only eight of them though.

The mill belongs to the southeastern smocks (one of eight). It’s a frame with an octagon-shaped barn as the base for the mill. The second mill of Tambov region in Levino is of the same type.

The mill is in a horrible state. You can follow its history from the following links:
1998, the sails are in place, the mill is powered by electricity: here
2000s, the fastening of the sails still exists: here
2010, the sails are gone, the barn with the gears is in place: here
2016, the barn is almost gone, the bottom of the mill is blown through by all the winds: here
In addition, the description of the mill is available on the village's website: here

It's so sad. And so stupid.