Sadyrin's windmill from Molotnikovskaya village

Short description
Sadyrina's shattered windmill from the village of Molotnikovskaya (Shabalinskiy district, Kirovskaya oblast) was built around beginning of the 1930-s, was located on a historical site. Smock mill with eight sails and unknown number of millstones. Sheathed Log construction. Unique details: eight sails (not preserved), sails fastening (not preserved). Was used as a flour mill (flour).

ConditionThe windmill is destroyed, the monument doesn't exist anymore
MechanismParts of mechanism are lying of the ground

Additional description
Volga region smock windmill stood in uninhabited village, photos are here. Interesting that windmill was suggested to replace to museum, details are here. Probably this was a purpose why remains of sheathing were removed around 2012-2013 years and logs were numbered. Unique sails fastening similar to the one on the windmill from Kulyabovka village (there were sixteen sails there).

Are you interested how we understood that the windmill has eight sails? This is the rarest case when we can correlate modern and historical photos here. (If you don't believe us notice the square hole approximately half of windmill's height to the left of the edge which is under windshaft. Also notice sheathing to the right of that place.) Moreover we have more photos #747 here.

Nearest neighbor - the windmill from Kolosovo village 14 kilometers away was transported to museum in Moscow region.

The windmill was collapsed between 2019 autumn and 2020 summer.