Zharkov's windmill from the village of Kirovsky

Short description
Zharkov's shattered windmill from the village of Kirovsky (Sarpinsky district, Republic of Kalmykia) was built around 1854 or 1878, was located on a historical site. Postbased mill with four sails and one pair of millstones. Log construction. Was used as a flour mill (flour).

ConditionThe windmill is destroyed, the monument doesn't exist anymore
MechanismParts of mechanism are lying of the ground

News about the windmill (in Russian)
Мельница рухнула: https://riakalm.ru/index.php/news/incidents/550-staraya-melnitsa-uzhe-ne-vertitsya

Additional description
Kirov windmill remained the last windmill in Kalmykia. It was not the southernmost mill of Russia, because this title by right belongs to the mill in the village of Bolshoe Remontnoye, however its loss is sad. The mill was just 4 kilometers away from the main regional road Volgograd-Elista and could have appeared in pictures of some tourists passing by. What is sad is that they did not even know about it...

Some noninverted/direct post-based mills were also crushing mills (because of the large barn). We do not know for sure whether there was a crushing system in this mill, but judging from the photographs the answer is most probably negative. An interesting feature of the mill is the iron covering of the cams in the brake wheel.

Mechanism parts are lying on the ground. Metal parts were taken away, wooden parts were left behind. The last years of the mill looks like this:
2008 here
2015 (an excellent report, we can't say better) here
2016 The mill collapsed here