Our team

Our team is made up of all numerous people who described, restored and started the windmills of the Arkhangelsk region in its two windmill centers: first, Malye Korely with the largest collection of windmills in Russia (eight windmills) and second, the “the windmill river” Mezen with the most compact complex of historical windmills in Russia (five mills). Mainly our team is built around these wonderful people:


alexanderAlexander Nikonovich Davydov
PhD in Historical Sciences, Senior Researcher, Head of the Research Department of the Arkhangelsk Museum of Wooden Architecture Malye Korely at the time of its formation, expert in ethnography of the Russian North, history and ethnography of the city of Arkhangelsk, author of about 300 scientific publications, Arkhangelsk. In July 2016 Alexander Nikonovich Davydov passed away in the city of Arkhangelsk. He will always be remembered.



ilyaIlya Philippov
PhD in Technical Sciences, creator of the most complete database of windmills in Russia. Initiator and author of the website «Russian Windmills». Zurich, Switzerland.







annaAnna Kryuchkova
Founder and head of the Russian Molinological Society, promoting the idea of conservation, functional restoration and using historical windmills in Russia. Leading tourism specialist in Mezen district, Arhangelsk region. Mezen.






pietPiet Schiereck
Member of the International Molinological Society, Montfoort, the Netherlands. Miller-enthusiast who has a mill of his own and who actively restores others.







paulPaul Groen
Member of the International Molinological Society, Montfoort, the Netherlands. Head and Chief Engineer of EAG Monuments, engaged in the construction, reconstruction and functional restoration of the mills around the world. Took part in the restoration of the Kinderdijk complex (a museum of 19 mills in the Netherlands, which is on UNESCO list).




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