Windmill from the village of Nazarovka

Short description
The windmill from the village of Nazarovka (Mikhaylovskiy district, Altay territory) was built around the end of the 19th century, is located on a historical site. Smock mill with four sails and two pairs of millstones. Sheathed Frame. Was used as a flour mill (flour).

ConditionThe windmill is conserved
StatusIn noone's possession, not used
MechanismConserved, not restored
The following historical parts of the mechanism have been preserved:
Sails, Windshaft, Brake wheel, Upright shaft, Wallower.
Millstone mechanism:
Stone nut, Spindle.

News about the windmill (in Russian)
2017: Мельница укреплена:

Additional description
The lower gears of the mechanism, as the photographs show, are below the ground, that’s why they probably survived. In general, the mechanism of the mill is quite well preserved: even the cross bars on the sails are there. They can be used during the restoration to study the inclination angle. The architecture resembles the mill from the neighbouring village of Paris (Arkaim, Chelyabinsk region).

The mill was lucky. People who live in the area have taken care of it: in the summer of 2017 it was strengthened. In addition, some good description can be found here and photos here. In all the sources it is said that the mill was bought in Rakity at the beginning of the 20th century. Well, it’s even more interesting. Maybe the mill will be lucky to become a museum on a historical site. Or even grind grain. In any case, it is the beginning.