Windmill from the village of Gafostrov (museum «Kizhi»)

Short description
The windmill from the village of Gafostrov (Muezersky district, Republic of Karelia) was built around the second half of the 19th century, was transported to the museum of wooden architecture "Kizhi" (Republic of Karelia) in 1979. Postbased mill with four sails and one pair of millstones. Frame. Unique details: external support of the windshaft. Was used as a flour mill (flour).

ConditionThe windmill is restored
StatusMuseum exhibit
MechanismConserved, not restored
The following historical parts of the mechanism have been preserved:
Sails, Windshaft, Brake wheel, Tailpole.
Millstone mechanism:
Stone nut, Spindle, Hopper.

Additional description
The mill is located in the sector of the Kizhi Museum, which is far from the main museum. Within the three hours of a standard visit to the island, from the arrival to the departure of the “Comet” (motor ship) from Petrozavodsk, it’s practically impossible to reach the mill. Though, it’s of no less importance, of course.

The mill from Gafostrov is one of three and a half frame post-based mills in Russia and the only one with such a frame construction. Gafostrov is a Finnish mill. We call the post-based mills standing on the ground straight/direct/noninverted. Another name for them is a mill on a frame or a low ryazha (crib). Well, such a frame as in Gafostrov is quite often seen in Finland but is the only one in Russia. And yes, according to the main resource of the mill here, it was built by a Finnish author.

In addition, Gafostrov is one of the three mills with an external support of the windshaft and the only one with four sails. By the way, at close inspection you can find the plates on the side of the construction, which serve as a ladder to get to the movable windshaft. A unique photo of the mill in 1965 is here.